Sunday, January 30, 2011

Question Words for Writing Workshop

The first thing I want to share  with you is something I am teaching in Writing Workshop this week. I have a lesson I teach about the questions How and Why. We talk about how they should always be asking themselves how and why as they write. To make this stick in their mind, I made the "How" and "Why" questions that sit on our shoulders as we write. During writing workshop, I walk around with them on my shoulders. The kids love it! Since there are other questions the kids should be thinking about, I made sticks with questions on them topped off with another pom-pom with eyes. Below you can see some of the ways my students chose to keep them so they could remember. This really seems to stick with them as they write! I hope you enjoy!

- Mrs. Patton


Gladys said...

What a cute idea! Oh, and I'm your newest follower by the way!


Amanda said...

I love this! So cute!

Mrs. Sherry said...

I absolutely love this idea! So WOW!

SDNana said...

Mrs. Patton,
I just found your bog today (snow day for me here in South Dakota). You have many wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing and hope your ice melts soon. I think all of our snow will be here until June this year!

Mrs. Edwards said...

This idea is fabulous! I'm always hunting for a new way to get my kids to write better! Thanks for sharing :)