Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great Website for Math Practice K-8

5 snow days in 2 weeks?!? This is very unusual in my part of Texas. I can remember many years when we didn't even have 1 snow day!

Anyway, I am so excited with this math website that I just came across.  It is called IXL Math. It has an interactive review-game for every state standard in math. In fact, the fun part is this: From their homepage you can scroll to the bottom, click on your state, click on your grade level, click on the standard you are focusing on and Voila!... you have a game to review that standard. It has an option for you to subscribe as a class where you can have a class roster and I'm sure it would keep record of how the students do on certain standards. But... I am going to try it without the subscription and see how it goes in my classroom. Maybe next year I can get a classroom subscription. Click the picture to check out their website.

IXL Math


Miss Kindergarten said...

WOW!!! that is awesome! thanks for sharing that! :)

Mrs. Saoud said...

I love this site. My district has used this as a resource for several years.

According to Ashley said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Can't wait to spread the word to the other teachers at my school! I love finding great websites.

ashley said...

I love this website too! I would *love* a subscription some day!