Thursday, February 17, 2011

Linking Spelling to Reading

Earlier this year I was thinking about how in First Grade, we typically teach spelling through rules. This is great, but I know that some of my kids were not linking this to their reading. Knowing how much they L.O.V.E. to use sticky notes, I created this mini book which I call the "Word Detective Book". Each student has a copy of it in their book box along with a pad of sticky notes. When they are reading to themselves, reading to someone, or even listening to reading on the computer, they can get out a sticky note and search for different words by spelling rule. Here is an example of one of my student's books:

If you would like to try this in your own classroom, I have it for sale at my TpT store. Check it out... it has cuter graphics than this one because I got them from Scrappin' Doodles. :-)

-Mrs. Patton


T. Freyou said...

Thanks for the great idea and for sharing! I actualy had one of my PAT kids tell me today that the book is his favorite thing to do during Daily 5 and that he loves it! Love it!!!

Miss Kindergarten said...

Such a good idea! I do this with my class, but I just have a poster board that they put their post-its on. I like the idea of them having their own personal book too. Thanks for sharing :)

Mandy's Memories said...

adorable idea!

Morgan said...

Thanks for sharing great ideas! You get the Stylish Blogger Award!