Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Properties of Matter and Ice Experiment

In science, we are learning about properties of matter and linking that to how heat changes the properties of matter.
Yesterday, I introduced the unit with an orange in a paper sack. I told the students things about it and they eventually guessed it. We talked about what properties were and made of tree map of words to describe properties; color, shape, texture, and size. Then, at their tables they took turns giving the properties of an object while the others guessed what is was. To end, they wrote about the properties of either a wiggly eye, silly band or smelly marker. I'm so proud of how quickly they caught on! Some of my students needed an extension, so after they described their object, I asked them to describe something with properties that were opposite of the first one they did. The example on here is one of my students who thought a TV had opposite properties of a silly band. :-)

Today we continued talking about properties of matter in relation to heat changing them. I had three different sizes of ice in a pie pan and we let them melt all day long. It took the chip of an ice cube about 4 minutes, a pie pan full of normal ice cubes about 3 hours and a whopping 5 and 1/2 hours for a balloon that I filled with water and let freeze! They loved watching the ice change all day long... until the water spilled all over my plan book. :(

We have an experiment we will begin tomorrow and finish on Friday, so I will post it for you to see soon!

-Mrs. Patton

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