Saturday, March 12, 2011

Animal Research Project and an EDITABLE PRINTABLE :-)

Hey y'all! Happy Spring Break!!!

I am so proud of my kiddos and what they did with our research project. At our school, each classroom takes a different region of Texas and studies the animals. We each take a different one so that we can share with each other and compare the differences. Our class studied the Texas Gulf Coast. This is the area that includes Corpus Christi, Galveston, Houston, etc. Here is what we did:

We talked as a whole group about the land and they wrote a page about what the land was like. Then, they were off to pick which animals they wanted to learn about. They could work in partners or by themselves. They would pick an animal they were interested in, take the bag back to their seats, and begin their research. They wrote notes on post-its that they stuck to my mini-clipboards as they answered questions that we brainstormed were important.

After they answered the four questions, they wrote their research on a book page. They added a title and picture to the page.
Here is how I organized it:

A basket to hold all the materials in ziploc baggies.
Here is what was in the bags:

One held the paper:
The others had books about an animal, printed information from websites, as well as the title and picture they would use when they write their book page.
Here are some pictures of the finished products:


Title page:

Table of contents:

Book pages:

The last page was titled "Animals You Won't Find Here". We talked about how certain animals need a certain kind of habitat. They wrote down a few animals that would not live in the Gulf Coast and Why.

My students were so excited to show Mom and Dad what they had put together at Open House. This took about two weeks for them to finish, but they absolutely loved it. I am considering putting out materials specifically for researching and making a non-fiction book at writing workshop. I will post about it after I try it out.

Here are some printables for you:

I uploaded the powerpoint version so you can easily change it for your needs. If you want the same font as me, I used Pea Stacy Fancy. You can download it for free here.

I used handwriting paper that I printed from Stationery Studio. You could use any handwriting paper for the pages.

I realize that was a long post, but I hope you can use the printables to do research in your classroom. I was absolutely amazed at what my firsties could do!

-Mrs. Patton


Lindsey said...

this is great! thanks:)

Mrs. Saoud said...

I just emailed this post to my intern. She is working on changing the format of her lesson for report writing. Your idea is wonderful and I'd love to incorporate your organization. Thank You!

Primary Graffiti

Mrs.M said...

Woah, I read that as EDIBLE download....must be hungry or something.....thanks for sharing! :)

Mrs. Magee said...

How awesome! Thanks for the ideas! This is a very organized way to get report type writing done. Seems very managable. Thanks again!!

Carla Patch said...

Thanks for your animal report...just what I need for next year. Thanks for allowing us to edit it.

Ms. King said...

What a great project! We are required to do a research project with our kiddos during the last 9 weeks of school. I'm anxious to see what they can do! THANKS so much for sharing :-D

Chrissy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You are one of my teaching idols!!


Michelle said...

Nice work! Third graders in my kids' school district do animal reports in second and third grade and present them to the class.

The finished book and table of contents is wonderful! What a great way to give kids a way to show off their work!

Mozer said...

Love how you organized this. The final project turned out great. You can see how they worked so hard. Thanks for sharing the printable.

Cheryl said...

This is a wonderful example! I am presenting a Project-Based Session in Canada in a couple of weeks and would like permission to show your example. It's a K-8 session, and this definitely proves kindergarteners are capable of so much! If permission is granted, I will definitely credit you. Thank you for considering this request.
~Cheryl Dick

Mrs. Patton said...

Absolutely! Glad you like it!

Cheryl said...

Thank you! You are amazing!

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