Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Classroom Photo Linky Party - Part 2!

Here are the rest of my classroom photos. I just took them today! Again, I am linking up with Lisa Ibarra over at Always First Grade and joining in the fun!

Here is a view of my classroom from the front door.

Here is another view of my classroom.
This is what my students use for book boxes.
Here is some supplies organized on top of their backpack hooks.
This is how I organize our math supplies.
This is where I organize math games too bulky for files. On top is where my students turn in their work.
Sharp and dull pencils... why is the dull pencil bucket always so full and the sharp pencil bucket so empty?
You can see Part 1 of my classroom photos by clicking here.

If you want to see my desk you can click here.

There you have it... part 2 of my classroom photos! I would love to see your photos too! Link up with Lisa Ibarra over at Always First Grade and join in the fun!

-Mrs. Patton


Mrs. Ibarra said...

These pictures are AWESOME! Your room is so neat and organized! What did you hang from your ceiling aside from the shapes? Is it a plant activity? looks neat!

Nicole said...

I have that same rainbow cart of drawers and they are now all broken! :( Do you know where to get new drawers for it?

Mrs. Patton said...

Oh that's no fun! I'm sorry but I have no idea... have you searched the internet?

Miss Amanda said...

I am loving your organizational ideas...I just discovered your blog today, and I am hooked!
Where did you find the clip art of the pencil points? i work with pre-k students, and those would be perfect!