Sunday, March 13, 2011

Classroom Photo Linky Party

I realized that I haven't posted any photos of my classroom yet, so I am linking up with Lisa Ibarra over at Always First Grade and joining in the fun!

Here is a view of my classroom from the back. My room really is pretty small. Once the desks are in there, I don't have much space to carve out special places for centers.

Here is my favorite part of my room:

This is our "Write About Reading" Center. We do Daily Five, but since we do writing workshop separately, we changed the writing center to Write About Reading.

This is our tent where students can go if they choose Read to Self during Daily Five.

Here is the bookshelf behind my desk. I labeled my binders so I can easily see what I need. In the plastic drawers, I keep my reading group supplies. The green containers you see are ones I found at Hobby Lobby for $1.67 each I believe! They organize my books by topic. I'll be working on labels this week and once I get them up, I will post pictures.

Here is where I organize our materials for each week. I love it because I can keep bigger things in the bins too. :) Butcher paper has to go on the side though...

Unfortunately, teachers didn't have any say in where and how our classroom computers would be set up. There is one strip against this wall and they cannot be anywhere else. Oh well! I am just glad that we are blessed with 3 student computers.

That's all I have for now! I would love to see your photos too! Link up with Lisa Ibarra over at Always First Grade and join in the fun!



Mrs. Ibarra said...

Thanks for joining in the fun. I LOVED looking at your photos. Saw a lot of GREAT things, like your tree and the weekly organizer you have. By the way, where did you get it? I just love it.


Mrs. Patton said...

Thanks for your sweet comment Lisa!

I either purchased the bins from or I get those two confused :)

Miss Kindergarten said...

I love the green and white polka dot background on your schedule cards!! so cute! I'm going to do that next year ;)

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I was just telling my student teacher the same thing about the *(&%^%*&)(*)# computers! So annoying! Makes it hard to set up our classrooms how we would like. Why don't they ask us!!?

Anonymous said...

Your classroom is so fun! I especially like your bookshelf with all of the organization going on: that is my project for myself this summer... ORGANIZE AND LABEL! Thanks for sharing!

from the linky party :)

Lauren said...

I love your tree around the clock! SO FUN!! Thanks for giving me ideas for next year!!


Miss Trayers said...

Your room just looks very cozy and appealing for your kiddos! I wish I could be that organized!


Cassie Thompson said...

I love those magazine holders from Hobby Lobby- I just bought some myself and can't wait to use them in my room! :)

I just made a post about classroom library books and would love for you to check it out and respond. Yours seems like it is nicely organized!

Mrs. Thompson

Adventures in Teaching

Unknown said...

The link to get the printable isn't working! I'd love to have it! Thanks!