Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day in the Life of a First Grader- Open House Project

Hey y'all! Sorry I have been a little bit MIA lately. This week has been super busy for me. Spring Break is very timely for me this year!

Open House is tomorrow night, and here is one of the projects that the first graders do at our school:

Each child makes themselves out of construction paper... no markers! (Funny how hard this is for them)

Then, they write a story about their day. I brainstorm some with them, and tell them that I expect time words (first, next, then, etc) and 1-2 details about each event.

Then, we hang them in the hall like this:

It looks so cute down our hall :-)

We also had a few other projects that I will be posting about tomorrow or Friday. One is our non-fiction animal research project. Can't wait to share it!

-Mrs. Patton


Lindsey said...

those are darling!! i love how they turned out!

i have a silly question, what is an open house? is it like parent teacher conferences?

Mrs. Patton said...

Oh I just assumed people did that everywhere! No it's not like a conference at all. It is a night where parents come and see the work their students have been doing. We usually make special projects around a certain theme. Basically it's a time for our students to show off their work to their parents. It always gives me a boost to get through the rest of the year!

Katie @ Miss Klohn's Classroom said...

I love them! In the district where I am student teaching we don't really have open house at the elementary school. We always have a meet the teacher night the week before school starts, but that is about it.

Mrs. Cave said...

Our open house is the week after Spring Break. I wish we'd had it this week so I could REALLY relax!


Sharon said...

These are adorable. We are working on autobiographies and they would be perfect for it.Thanks for sharing.