Monday, March 14, 2011

Donors Choose

I know, 3 posts in one day? That's a first for me! I just have so much to say :)

Alright, y'all I couldn't be more excited about this! I uploaded a project to Donors Choose this morning after getting permission slips from all my student's parents. I was a little bummed when they said I should hear back from them within a week. But guess what, they wrote me back less than 12 hours later! I am asking for 3 iPod Touches for my classroom. I am so excited about using them with my students! You can view our project by clicking here.

Have a great night!

-Mrs. Patton


Rachelle said...

I am asking for 1 ipod touch for my class! I only had enough points just to ask for one! :( But hopefully you get yours funded {and me too}!


Ms.M said...

I got bummed when I saw I had to wait too but good news, I got approved last night & was super excited too! I asked for 2 iPods.

Good luck. :)

Ms. M