Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Making Problem Solving a Bit More Interesting...

Sorry I haven't posted much lately, we've been working hard on some things for Open House next week. I'll post pictures in a few days so you can see what my kiddos have been up to!

I thought I would share a quick idea about making problem solving a bit more interesting for your students. Sometimes new manipulatives can make it fun, but my class loves working together, especially when they can be working on the floor! I like to print out 6-7 word problems and put them in the middle of big pieces of butcher paper. Then, they get to use the teacher's smelly markers to solve the problems. They rotate around the different pieces of butcher paper when I ring my bell. Here are a few pictures for you:

If you have never done this, I bet your students would enjoy it. With everyone solving a problem on the same paper, it is so easy to go back and look at the different ways they solved the problems.

What do you do to make problem solving more fun? Leave me a comment because I'd L.O.V.E. to hear about it!

-Mrs. Patton


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Fun! Do you give word problems or addition facts of what?

Mrs. Patton said...

I give word problems. Right now we are working on missing part problems. For example: "There were 12 kids playing basketball. Some had to go home. There are 4 left. How many went home?"