Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Nest - aka Desk

I am linking up with Mrs. Farley at Oh' Boy 3rd Grade for the Show Me Your Nest Linky Party and Giveaway! Speaking of which, go and head over there. You can enter the contest just by following her blog and TpT store. You could win an A.DOR.A.BLE Vera Bradley coin purse. (Can you tell that I LOVE Vera Bradley?)

So, here is my desk area:

This is my small group reading area and my desk. I really didn't want a true teacher's desk because my room is so small.

The good:
  • Yes my desk is usually this clean!
  • I have an awesome organizer from staples in place of my "real teacher desk". It's awesome!
  • My guided reading materials are right behind me so it is super easy to plan and put it where it belongs.
  • I love how my shelf is organized.
  • I love the "to do" list I created with my Creative Memories Software. I can write on it with a Visa V marker and wipe it off when I'm done!
You can see pictures of the good below!

The awesome organizer from Staples. It's called The Apprentice!
My "to do" list I created with Creative Memories software.

My organized shelf. Now I have labels on everything. You can come back later this week and see it in a new post.
Fun teacher pens that match my theme of "Mrs. Patton's Patch".
Organized binders... oh how I love binders!
The bad:
  • only one thing comes to mind... I really don't like this cart I have. You can see it in the picture below. It just gets in the way. Maybe I need to buy a plastic drawer tower that I can fit under my desk... hmm...
Yup, it's decided. I need to buy a plastic drawer tower for under the table. That should look much nicer and free up some space.
 The ugly:
  • I mentioned this in an earlier post, but teachers were not consulted in the decision of where computer would be located. My computer is all the way across the room. This means that any time I want to enter grades, enter plans, or write a quick email I have to walk across the room to my computer desk.
  • My phone has to be connected to the same port as my computer. This is highly annoying... anytime the phone rings and I am at my small group table I have to run to the other side (okay not run... my room isn't that big) and try to answer it in time. 
This is how far my phone and computer are from my desk.

Here it is up close.
 Well there you have it! You have seen my nest! Go now and upload pics of yours and get extra entries in the giveaway!

-Mrs. Patton


oh' boy said...

wow a PHONE I am JEALOUS!!! thanks so much for linking up!!! :)

Christina said...

I LOVE the organizer from staples -- I just ordered it!!!

Amanda said...

I love the apprentice too! I just bookmarked it so I can bat my eyelashes at my hubster and make a case for how I NEED it. :) Thanks for sharing!


Ms.M said...

I have a Staples organizers too, I just have mine at home. I think I will have to invest in one for my class too.

Ms. M

Mrs. Randall said...

Love your special to do list. Much cuter than my store bought one that I used to love but now I must have yours! My computer and phone are on the other side of my room as well and it makes me crazy. I usually have to pull a desk over if I am entering grades or doing report cards to hold my paperwork.

Cindy Hutter and Tanya Wildman said...

A phone in your classroom???? WOW!! Love all the organization. I do not have a desk either and have used my small group table the same way for a few years now.

Mrs. Patton said...

I had no idea a phone in a classroom was such a blessing. The office uses it to call us during the day and parents can call and leave messages. :) Guess I better count that as a blessing even if I need to dash across the room to answer it... in the middle of a lesson...

kristina said...

Hi! I had the same problem with the phone. I just bought a cordless phone & would keep it by my reading table when I was working with small groups. Not sure if this would work for you (depending on how your classroom phone is mounted), but it saved me from getting up and climbing over children each time the phone rang!

LeeAnne said...

My phone is completely across the room, too. I actually have one of my students to act as the classroom "operator". Whenever the phone rings, he/she answers with:
"Hello. This is Mrs. Ewaldsen's class. This is ___ speaking. How may I help you."
(I have a laminated card with this greeting posted beside the phone.)
They LOVE to be the operator and I change it out ever 2 weeks. The phone is (obviously) always for me, but at least I dont' have to drop everything that very instant and rush to the phone. I think it teaches good phone manners, too....something that all kids need!

Jackie said...

I have the same organizer from staples and I love it!