Monday, March 28, 2011

Organization Week Day 2: Literacy Centers

 Day 2 is here and the topic is "Literacy Centers". This was a request by multiple people, but I have to tell you right now... this is not my strong suit. I do Daily 5 in my classroom, so what would equate to Literacy Centers is my Word Work station. In Word Work, I give my students a list of words that follows our spelling rule. They do different things to practice spelling words. These things include anything from lego letters I purchased at Lakeshore, to rainbow words, ABC beads and magnetic letters. I try to change out their options every 6-9 weeks. This is what I keep my word work centers in:
As you can see, this is not a picture from my room, but you get the point! It is originally for scrapbooking, but I find the size is great to put materials in for word work centers. I always have 6 choices available at a time.

I also have word searches for each spelling rule. I put them in binders on top of this cart.

Here are some pictures of the inside of my spelling binder where I store things for each spelling rule:

In a sheet protector I keep spelling lists for easy access to copy.

Next, I keep a list of our district's K-1 High Frequency Words.

Then, I have a copy of our spelling timeline for 1st grade.

Then I have pocket folders for each spelling rule. Here is short i. In the front I keep the spelling list and word work sheets.

Then, on the back of each pocket I keep the word searches ready to be put in the plastic pockets of my binders for word work.
For next year, my goal is to have more centers available in word work that address things like word families and so on. I can see how storing all of those games could be a nightmare! (Especially if you don't have much space to store it!) I would really like to get a toy box or storage bench like the one below for a reading area in my room. If I do, this is the place I would plan to store all of my literacy centers.

Lipper Beechwood Toy Chest Free Shipping
Click to enlarge

Now, it's your turn! Leave a comment or link up a blog post to tell us how YOU organize literacy centers. Don't forget to grab my button if you link up!

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Tomorrow's topic is math. I am excited to share my new ways of organizing for math!
-Mrs. Patton


Cortney said...

You are so very organized yourself. I actually don't have any books in my classroom because the kids eat them but maybe one day I'll have a reading corner too.

KindergartenWorks said...

I only have photos of my word work center up (playdough word work), but I have 15 interactive literacy centers that I use on a daily basis. I'll have to work on sharing them over the next few months! I love your organization week idea!

Erin said...

We don't do literacy centers in third grade at my school so I don't get to participate in this one. But I love seeing these ideas for organizing other types of centers!

Mrs. Bussey said...

Linked to you: Tag your it! haha
Thanks for stopping by-Love that rolling cart!

Mrs. Morris said...

I am so glad you started this! I am an organizer at heart, but I am finding it difficult to organize my ever changing classroom. Seeing all these ideas is a huge help.

Jen said...

Great idea. I just stumbled upon it today!! I'm on spring break so I couldn't get really specific pictures but I had some to share. I'm going to try math next. I think at the end of the year I'm going to try and get even more organized w/ more binders and such. Thank you.