Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Organization Week Day 4: Home Communication

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope everyone had a great day! Today's topic for Organization Week is Home Communication. This covers anything from the binders or folders you send home, where you store the graded papers and notes to go home, and so on. If you have something to share, no matter how big or small you think it may be, please leave a comment or link up your blog post.

This is not my area of expertise, but here is what I have to share:

First of all, my students turn their papers in on top of the math organizer I showed you yesterday.

They put their papers in the box after they highlight their name. By the way, I had a few comments about where I purchased the rainbow drawers that is under this turn it in box. I got mine from Mardel when they were half off! Instead of 90 I paid 45 I think. To me, it was definitely worth the money.

After the students turn in their papers, I put it in a file right at my fingertips, in my awesome Apprentice from Staples. Remember this?

I posted about this a few times, and one of the files in it is labeled "To Be Graded". Funny how it gets so full before I give it any attention....

Anyway, once the papers are graded, I file them in this file box:

It is very easy to organize the papers and notes for Monday folders. As I grade papers throughout the week or get notes that need to go home the following Monday, I just file it in the folder with the students' names on them. I have extra files in the back for extra copies of notes or homework ready to go home a few weeks ahead of time.

At my school, we do not have a fancy binder or folder that goes home every day. We do have a Daily Folder that goes home. In it we have a calendar for the 9 weeks with dates on it and room in the boxes for us to write notes about behavior issues if necessary.

Last year I used this to organize papers to go home:

It really didn't work like I had planned last year. Now, I use it for organizing different kinds of paper. This is not a part of my room that I am very proud of. Any ideas for what else I could use it for? I would appreciate any and all input!

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 Mrs. Patton’s

Tomorrow's topic is called "How and Where Should I Store Things?". Seems that a lot of us have games and crafts and things that we pull out a few weeks a year and then wonder, "Hmm... what to do with this now?" when we are finished with it. Get your posts ready!


KindergartenWorks said...

I've got a post coming up about this and our daily folders at the end of April. Stay tuned - I won't be able to link up by then...but here is the link once it goes live ;)
-Leslie Post on KindergartenWorks

Kristin Young said...

I have the exact same unit in your last picture! I call them mailboxes and each student has their own {based on their number so I don't have to re-label them each year}. That's where they file each day's work/homework/take-home books as they finish them. That way, they don't have to worry about getting in their backpacks all thoughout the day and making a mess of things!

We have Thursday Folders that go home every week and contain flyers/handouts from the main office, PTA, etc. I have a parent volunteer that does my Thursday folders and this helps her pass out and fill each folder, too. I LOVE my mailboxes and don't know how I'd manage the daily papers/activities/assignments without them!

Miss Griffin said...

Well everything I had to say, Kristin just said! I love my mailboxes! They put papers in it all day long and I slip in important notes or reminders that need to go home right away. This is also how I pass back graded papers. It's also an important responsibility piece. In the beginning of the year there's a lot of prompting, reminding and forgotten papers. Now they're empty every afternoon! We have a simple pocket and brad folder that goes home everyday with a 6 weeks calendar that they color in to show their color for each day (behavior). The whole school has Thursday folders for school wide information and things like report cards.

Ms. King said...

You're really making me want to give the Apprentice from Staples a try! l love how it seems like such a "one stop shop" kind of organizer. I'm gonna check it out online. If it swivels...I'm sold! haha Can't wait til year number two so I can try some things differently from the start.

Mrs. Morris said...

I think I might have to make a Staples stop soon!

Jessica said...

I will post mine tomorrow! I couldn't remember what the theme was for today! =) Thanks again for sharing your ideas!!!! I am so excited that I have discovered all these teacher blogs lately! I look forward to finding new ideas every night!

Jena Snowden said...

Thank you so much for hosting this Linky Party! Organization is not my strong suit. I am loving this!!! I am taking down so many notes and making a list of stuff I need to buy! Thanks again.