Thursday, March 31, 2011

Organization Week Day 5: How and Where Should I Store Things?

Hey there sweet bloggy friends! I hope you have been enjoying this organization week.  A few of you commented that you wanted to know what to do with things when you weren't using them, thus... "How and Where Should I Store Things?" Well, I am not showing any full shots of my closet because it's a work in progress, but I will share what I have worked on so far.

I have a magenta colored bin for each subject area in my closet. Now, they don't hold everything, but it does hold some things together better and helps me to find and put things away easily. Here's what they look like:

You've seen it before, and again I am using clothespins for easy change out of labels. I am sure I will be using some different kind of bin at some point, but for now they hold things for different subject areas.

I also have supplies that I like to have readily available for replacement. Like when the students come up to me and need another glue stick. Anyone else think they pretty much eat them???

Here are a few shots of the shelves above their backpack hooks.

In this picture, you can see how I store some of the paper I use. Love those IKEA magazine files!

At our school we don't get to do very many crafts in first grade. So... we don't have much to store except for around Christmas time. So, a couple of people on my team use this technique for all of our holiday crafts, and I adopted it, too.

At the top of my cabinet I have this box from copy paper filled with our holiday crafts. It has the tracers, sample size papers and a teacher example all together in gallon size Ziploc bags. I really like have it all together and not in a filing cabinet.

Last thing I want to show you is something most teachers have... the filing cabinet. I was just talking with one of my teammates today about how filing cabinets really are more hassle than they are helpful, but we all feel like we need one. Well, here is one of my drawers.

It may look messy, but it's really not. I have a file for each topic in each subject area that we teach. The important thing I have learned is that you should not keep bulky games in the files. You also should only keep ONE copy of each worksheet or activity, as well. I didn't abide by this one copy rule last year, and ended up with 3 and 4 copies of papers here and there. It just added bulk to my files that I didn't need. Let's be honest... I'm not going to go to my file and look to see how many extras I had from last year when I make copies for this year. We just don't have that kind of time!

Alright, you know what to do! Share with us how you store things... and REALLY... please do! I still could improve in this area quite a bit!

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And get excited... tomorrow's topic is all about organization of the Language Arts Block. This includes guided reading, writing, and all!

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I hope you had a great day!
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Ms.M said...

I love your purple bins. Where did you get them & are they expensive?

Ms. M

Mrs. Patton said...

Ms. M-

I purchased them at Target when all their Dorm Room stuff was on sale a year or two ago. I believe they were about $3-5 each on sale.

Anonymous said...

You are my hero!


Ms.M said...

Mrs. Patton I messed up & copy pasted the wrong link in the linky tool. Unfortunately it looks like a double post. # 4 is the bad link. #5 is the corrected link. I am sorry. Is there anyway you can delete it?

Ms. M

Mrs. Patton said...

Just took care of it!

Ms.M said...

Thank you. :)

Ms. M