Monday, March 14, 2011

Spelling Work Idea

Do you remember playing hangman with your friends when you were little? I used to love to play that game! Recently, I discovered Spelling City. This is a great site for practicing spelling words. You can even type the list in ahead of time to have your students practice specific words. Anyway, they have a game that they call Hang Mouse and my students loved it! So, I decided to introduce them to hang man. I guess 1st graders aren't to young for this. They did a great job! Here are some pics:

I put words on the board that I wanted them to practice. I put the words in categories by 4 or 5 letters so they could easily set up the game.

Here they are playing with a partner. The only condition was that they couldn't switch jobs unless the guesser was able to say the word right after they guessed all the letters.

I would love to figure out a way to organize this as a word work option during Daily Five. I think I will work on that this week. Any ideas?

-Mrs. Patton


T. Freyou said...

Great idea, Collen! Hmmm, I have one activity set up in 6 different baskets and they do Word Work as an independent activity. Could you put the Hangman activity in two baskets and whoever gets the two baskets does it as a partner activity togethet? This ought to work and Im sure it would be a big hit! You could write the 4, 5, 6 letter words on a chart in the basket for them to use like you diid when you put them on the board. Think I'll introduce it over the next week and then do it as an option on our next spelling rule. Great idea!!

Karen Greenberg said...

I don't have an idea to help, but I do want to say how much I love Spelling City. My own children use it, and I can really tell the difference between the weeks they actually get on Spelling City and the weeks they don't. I also introduced my students to Spelling City while I was student teaching. The spelling grades really went up when I allowed students to go onto the computers throughout the day to practice. Hang Mouse was a favorite with my 5th graders, too.