Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Displaying Photos

Hey bloggy friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week. I have to be out at different meetings this week for Tuesday-Thursday, so I have been having "fun" creating sub plans...

Anyway, I am just now getting around to answering some questions people asked me on different posts. One question was about what was hanging in my room. Here is the picture:

The question was about the black things you see hanging. Here is a better picture:

For Open House, our theme is "A Day in the Life of a First Grader". We have our students make cameras to show "Snapshots of First Grade". We usually also have a bulletin board that displays some pictures, but I decided to do it differently this year. I hung the cameras from the ceiling and attached 3-4 pictures of each child on the camera. They loved seeing pictures of things they did earlier in the year. The parents liked it too, especially when I sent the pictures home! In the center of the camera, the kids draw a picture of themselves as the lens. Then, they add the flash and some buttons, and voila... we have a camera to hang.

Do you hang things from your ceiling? I'd love to know how you use this space for instructional use!

Or... do you take lots of photos like me? What do you do with them in the classroom?

I would L.O.V.E. to hear your comments!


Miss Trayers said...

I love that camera activity! What a neat Open House idea.

Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to hang anything from our ceilings-against fire codes. :(

Miss Trayers

Fern Smith said...

I just heard the greatest idea from one of our cute, new, young 4th grade teachers at our school. She uses all photos as a rotating screen saver on her 3 classroom computers. She also takes a picture of each "student art" that they make her & it rotates on the computer instead of crowding up the wall behind her desk!
The kids love it!

Jess said...

I love taking photos in my classroom as well! I actually like to put up pictures on a special bulletin board of our class working together, reading, or doing fun projects. The kids love to see themselves and their classmates on the board. Other teachers, principals, and parents love it because they are seeing what the students are doing in the classroom.

Francesca said...

I have a vaulted ceiling, so I hang a clothesline that has something like a pulley across the room. I clip the art or anchor charts to the rope with clothespins. The pulley part allows it to hang higher than my head and lower it to add and remove the student work easily.

I love your camera idea!

Deedee Wills said...

You mean you are suppose to do something with the pictures you take? You just don't leave them on your camera until the memory card is full? I'm so confused!

Just kidding... but I need to be better about getting them off my camera. Thank you for your post!
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Ms.M said...

I used to have a clothes line across my room with our Word ladders hanging from it.

However, now that my room is much smaller, I only hang seasonal paper lanterns from Oriental Trading. If I hang anything else my room gets claustrophobic?

Ms. M
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Miss. Foehser said...

I take tons of pictures in my classroom. At the end of the year I take tons of the pictures and make a DVD of our year. I use pictures from the beginning of the year, field trips, doing centers, and anything else you can think of. At the end of it I add a special note from me to them. They loved it last year and I can't wait to make this years!

Nicole said...

I hang table signs from the ceiling that correspond with our math focus: plane shapes, 3-D shapes, addition properties, anything! It's a great way to get my students to remember important vocabulary!

Beth said...

Our School District really limits the amount of things we can display. Unfortunately, we can not hang anything from the ceiling. We take many pictures throughout the school year and we have put them into a power point presentation and then bring in the parents to see it. One of the events is open house- we have open house a couple weeks after school starts so we just have it run in a loop with a variety of pictures and information. Another time is just before Christmas break as a Holidays around the world wrap up. We then do another one at the end of the year showing more pictures.