Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fun Easter Activities

Hey there! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Don’t you just love those days when everything seems to go just right and the students are excited about their learning? Well I sure do, and today was one of those days!

This morning in writing workshop we started letters to the Easter Bunny so we could tell him about ourselves and invite him to come to our classroom (He leaves baby powder-bunny foot shaped footprints in our room when he comes!). Well I had the kids buzz with a buddy about what they were going to tell the Easter Bunny in their letter. The first thing out of one of my student’s mouth was, “I’m going to tell the Easter Bunny that I love to do push ups!” Ha! It cracked me up right then and there. Maybe I’d be better off if I liked to do push ups, too!

Then, in math we did an Easter egg hunt to practice addition up to 18. One of my fabulous, creative colleagues created something she called Easter Egg Twist. (You can download it below). You number 24 plastic eggs 1-24 then fill them with either a card you can get from the document that has a number sentence on it, or you can fill it with 2 glass pebbles with numbers on them for the students to add together. The fun part is that you hide them around the classroom. My kids absolutely LOVED this! I got comments like, “This is the best day ever”, and “Wow, Mrs. Patton, you are great at hiding eggs!” Be sure and download the form below. My colleague was so generous to let me share this with you on my blog. The first page is the recording sheet and the second page is the one that you can cut apart and put in the eggs if you want to. It’s definitely more fun, though, if you put the numbers on those glass pebbles meant for vases.

Easter Egg Twist

Check out the fun they had:



calpers said...

This egg activity sounds soooo fun! Thanks for sharing! I am unable to download the document though. Can you help please? Thanks! Cindy

Ali said...

So cute! I will be saving this for next year, since we are on break this week! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy, I just clicked on the menu button under .docstoc and was able to download it from there.


What happens in kindergarten... lasts a lifetime

Mrs. D said...

Thanks for sharing! :) Glad you had a great day!

Mrs. Patton said...

Cindy, you can also try clicking on the link above the document window. Is anyone else having trouble?

Miss. Foehser said...

I was able to download it. This sounds like a fun activity. My kinders would love this, thanks for sharing!

Miss. Foehser

Jessica said...

This will be perfect to do tomorrow for our last "official" day of addition!!! I was so bummed b/c we don't have time to have a fun little easter egg hunt... but I never thought about giving it a lil academic kick! LOVE THIS and will definitely be doing it tomorrow! Thanks sooo much to you and your colleague for sharing!!!