Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love Technology! iPods and Flip cameras!

I am link up with Miss Snowden over at 1st Grade with Miss Snowden.

We are supposed to post about our favorite technology tools and how we use them. I LOVE using my iPod and my Flip camera.

This is a picture of my iPod on the cart with my document camera. Not the best picture, but you get the point! I use my iPod for almost every transition. When I play a 1 minute selection of "I like to move it, move it!" or "Beat It" they know that it's time to clean up and come straight to the carpet. If they don't make it by the end of the song, then they owe me walking laps around the basketball court at recess (that's part of our consequences at our school).

I also use it for some of Kagan's cooperative learning structures and to play just for fun during writing time or while we play math games.

I also love using this little techie tool! My kids love it too! Here are a few examples of how we have used it this year:
  • I recorded a silent tour through my apartment. I showed it to them at school, and they searched for living and non living things.
  • I recorded myself talking about how I take care of my birds when we were studying pets. Then, all the 1st graders got to watch it in their classroom.
  • I recorded snippets of our classroom time during different activities to put in a slide show for the parents to watch at Open House.
  • And my favorite... we were studying goods and services in Social Studies. I wanted to introduce them to the concept of an assembly line, but I wanted it to be an exploration. So... this is what I came up with after some collaboration with a teammate: We gave each table group  materials to make 4 cards exactly like an example we had. They had to put the stickers in the right place, spell "Happy Birthday" correctly in the inside and all. I didn't give them much direction other than saying they had to make the 4 cards and I would be inspecting each "factory's" (table group) cards to see how they did. I used the Flip Camera to record them as they worked. When they finished we watched the video and talked about how it went. No one had perfect cards and after watching the video, they came up with the idea to have each person do the job they were best at; perfect to lead into ASSEMBLY LINE! Then, they did it again, but this time their desks were set up like an assembly line. I recorded it again and we watched it to see how much more efficient it was to use an assembly line. My students LOVED this and keep asking if I can record them doing something again so we can watch it. 
I hope this gives you some ideas of how to use technology in your classroom! Go and check out the other great entries in the linky party by clicking here.

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-Mrs. Patton


Jena Snowden said...

Thanks for linking up! I love "Beat It" and "I Like to Move it" as transition songs! Thanks for sharing!

1st Grade with Miss Snowden

Anonymous said...

Great Ideas! I also used my ipod for all of my books on cd's as well. It made it quick and easy to have students listen to a story. Thank you for all of your ideas and activities!


Amanda K. said...

I let my kids do their own Reading Rainbow video. They had to write an introduction for the book, practice reading the book all week, and record their video on Friday mornings. We watch as a whole group before we leave on Fridays. Love the idea about living and nonliving tour! I am so doing that next year!


Unknown said...

I also love my FlipVideo! One of my favorite things to do with it is to have the kiddos "act out" math story problems. I think it helps them to see story problems as STORIES first. Helps to keep them from just jumping in & manipulating the numbers they see! lol
Primary Inspired

Miss Miller said...

I love your blog! Follow mine :)

SunnyDays said...

My husband uses "Move it, Move it" for transitions too and the kids love it! I really love the assembly line activity - I may have to "borrow" that one!
I think I know what my next Donor's Choose project might be!!