Saturday, April 2, 2011

Organization Week Day 7: Student Records and Everything Else!

Well, it's our final day of Organization Week. First of all, I want to say thank you to all of my readers and participators. I'm so glad I was able to host this week and share some of my classroom with you. Everyone has been so sweet... I just love my followers!

We'll end with student records and any other tips you might have!

Here is how I keep my student records. This includes progress reports, student information, documentation, special projects, etc. I purchased this Desk Sorter/Organizer from Office Depot. I could have purchased online to get the one with numbers on the side, but I needed it right away. So, I bought the ABC version from the store and used post it labels to change the letters to numbers. In the front I have a list of my students by number so I can see who goes where. The best part about this is that it is not enclosed on the sides and it is expandable. I LOVE it!

For taking quick assessments, I am a HUGE fan of checklists. I have an excel spreadsheet with my students name on the side and blank columns. I often walk around with my clipboard, jot down the title of a quick assessment and record how they are doing.

During writing workshop, I have a different method. All it requires is large notecards, post-its, a binder ring and a pen. Here are some pictures:

When I walk around and conference with students, I jot down some things they are doing well and things they could improve upon. I go over this with the student as we look at their writing together.

That's all I have! This really has been a fun week, but entailed quite a bit of posting for me! Again, thank you to everyone who participated. I hope you found some ideas to take back to your classroom!

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dane said...

LOVE these ideas! I organize my student info by numbers too, but never thought to organize like this. Can't wait to get back to school and change my filing system! And I also love your anectodal notes easy and efficient! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Magee said...

Wonderful ideas!! Thanks!

S. Parker said...

The Organizer looks fantastic! I will have to go and look for one!

Brenda said...

Just wanted to say thanks for hosting this week. It was lots of fun & I found some great ideas, too!