Saturday, May 21, 2011

2 Weeks to Summer!

My school officially has only 2 more weeks until summer! As much as I have enjoyed my class this year, I am looking forward to the break and a fresh start in August. In celebration I am having my 2 weeks to summer sale! For 2 days, everything in my Teachers Pay Teachers store will be $2.00 off or under $2.00. The sale starts now and ends Sunday at midnight. Have fun looking around! You just might find something you can start now for next year. Click the button below to check out the sale.




Lauren said...

Mrs. Patton-
What do you use to put your images together? I really like your "2 Weeks to Summer Sale" image you posted above. I've used FotoFlexer, but I think it is rather limited (of course, I could be using it wrong). :)


Mrs. Patton said...

I actually just dragged my clipart from my file into powerpoint for this one. I just used a font for the letters and selected it to have a shadow and colored the letters differently. Typically, I use Adobe Photoshop Elements, but when I'm doing something quick, I just use powerpoint then either save the slide as a JPEG or take a piece of a screenshot.

Hope that helps!