Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of the Year Morning Work

The bittersweet end of school is coming soon. Usually at the end of the year, kids are crazy ready for summer... but today was a dream in my class. It really makes the end of the year seem more bitter than sweet.

For the last week or two of school, my team has always done a "Good Things Bag" for morning work. The kids get to write sweet notes to each other and put them in a paper bag that they decorated. It is a nice change for them at this time of year. Here is one of the notes I got in my bag this morning. Just had to share!
"I like it when you let us do crafts they are reley spactaculer"

I love how she said "spactaculer"  (Meaning spectacular) :) We have had multiple mini-lessons on finding and using "WOW words". (I call WOW words "words that make a reader think WOW! that's a great word!") She got it!

Have a great night and a wonderful end of the week!



Anonymous said...

The kind of moment that make everything worth it! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a fantastic end of the year!


Chrissy said...

Awww...this is a terrific idea! I'm *almost* sorry that our year is over :-)

Thank you for supporting me with your comments on my blog! You inspire me!!