Monday, May 23, 2011

Math Workshop Plan

Do you do a form of math workshop in your room? I decided to play around with the idea this year, and here is the planning form I used. Click the here to download it for FREE!



Terri Thornton said...

I use guided math {which I think is pretty much the same thing} in my classroom. I have looked to a teacher from Gwinnett County, Georgia for guidance. She has a wonderful website {} that has wonderful resources you may find helpful :)


Ms. Wilson said...

Hi Colleen,

At my school this year we have been encouraged to incorporate the daily 5 version of math. It's centered around fact practice, number sense, strategies, fact games and a paper/pencil practice. I strike it down to the daily 4 and it works really well. My 2 minilessons are the envision consumables or exemplars and then our distributive practice (most first grade classes do calendar). I LOVE IT! We only get to one - 2 centers a day but it works well!

Ms.M said...

What a great idea I wish I had thought of it. I guess I'd have to teach math to even have thought of it. :) Thanks for sharing.

Ms. M
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Tiffany said...

I love this planning page idea, but when I click on the link it doesn't work :( Is it possible to get a copy of it still? Thanks!