Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making Words... Summer Theme!

Well, since Saturday I have officially been on summer vacation. Now... if you ask my husband about my summer vacation, he would give you a different story. I just can't seem to stop and relax. Anyone else in the same boat?

I agreed to tutor this summer, and for part of the homework activities I decided to create some recording worksheets for making words. I got pretty excited about it, and made 12 summer themed recording sheets. Since you are one of my AMAZING readers that I appreciate so much, here is a freebie found only on my blog!

Summer Making Words Sample

You can check out the whole packet by clicking the button below! 

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Also, stay tuned for my post about Math Work Stations Chapter 3. In the mean time, check out Mrs. Parker and all the bloggers who have linked up to her!



Mrs. Saoud said...

I'd love to know where you purchased the cube clipart?!?! I love it.


Mrs. Patton said...

I actually made it myself :)

Sylvia Raigosa said...

Takes me about a little over a week to get onto summer mode. I cant relax and drive my family batty. Once a few weeks have gone by I begin the "chill" (my sons word for relax) and I begin to enjoy my vacation. Enjoy!