Sunday, August 14, 2011

Classroom Photo Update

My room isn't complete, but here are my newest photos.

First of all, this is what I walked into on Monday morning:

Here is my bulletin board that I showed you last week. I plan to use it to display student work. I decided that it is not really a caterpillar. However... it is a worm. :) Just need to take the legs off.

This is my "Buggy About Reading" bulletin board. It features one of the fun signs I purchased at the Dollar Tree. Yes... 6 for $1! :) I think I will be using the blue tables for my Daily 5 "Write About Reading" center. That is what we do instead of the writing center where the students create cards, lists, etc. We have a separate writing workshop time. When I tried the traditional Daily 5 writing center, it wasn't the best use of my students' learning time.

Next to the blue tables is my student library. I realize some of the bins of books are definitely too high for my new kindergarteners, but I don't plan to offer them all genres at the beginning of the year anyway.

I moved my teacher library to the shelves over my students' backpack hooks. Ignore the mess below. Still working on that...

I moved my tree to the other side of the room. In case I didn't say it before, my tent and rug are from Target.

On the black bookshelves I put my new buckets for my LINK Math Workshop stations. If you missed my posts about that, check out LINK here
The counter behind is where my students will keep their book boxes. I have new labels I need to put on these.

Here are our computers:

I put up new border on my board, and the word wall is ready for KINDERGARTEN words!

Lastly, here is my desk/guided reading/guided math table. You can see my fun new stools, too! Have you seen the melted crayon on floating around on Pinterest? Look closely in the background and you can see the one I made for my room with my hairdryer! Let me know if you are interested in me posting a tutorial.

I still have a few things to finish, but as far as my classroom goes, I'm almost ready for school!



Just My Life said...

Could you post a close up of the melted crayon? I would love to see this. And possibly a tutorial as well. What do you use this for educationally? Or is it just for looks? Sorry for all of the questions.

Mrs. Patton said...

I will work on a tutorial for the crayon art this week. It's just for fun, really!

*FARMERS* said...

I LOVE your stool idea! :) What did you use to top those yaffa crates?? Cute classroom!

Kathy said...

gorgeous!!! i just LOVE your rug beside your guided reading table. where oh where did you find that??? awesome classroom :)