Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Donor's Choose Help

I started a project on Donor's Choose a little while back, and it hasn't gotten anywhere close to being fully funded. The final day for funding is before school starts (only 11 days away!), so I can't count on new classroom parents to contribute. Any tips or suggestions on how to get my project funded?

Donors Choose



Lindsey said...

If you have a facebook account you can push out notices to friends and family through it. It helped to get my project funded and I had lots of donors I didn't expect!
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Jess said...

There was a blogger who posted a giveaway to anyone who donated $5 or more to her project. You could try that...

Jess said...

Could you tell me how you got your donor's choose project on the side of your blog?

Camille said...

I have one too! That is such a good question. I have sent it out on FACEBOOK, and I even sent it home in class notes, asking and hoping that they would send it out onto THEIR network of friends and family.

I am actually in the process of writing a letter that I can send to the PTO of the school. That is one way. Also, I have looked in to local groups and clubs in my city, like the Kiwanis and things like that.

Hope you get funded! Send some good luck wishes my way, too! We teachers need to stick together! ;)

Grade 1 teacher