Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beginning of the Year Team Banner

In the last 3 years, one of the activities I have done with my class is picked a team name and created a team banner. My sweet first grade team has always done this, and it is such a fun project!

This year, I decided I would do it with my kindergartners, too, but I decided just to pick our team name. We are Mrs. Patton's Ladybugs. I just couldn't think of any other animal besides a praying mantis or a porcupine starting with the letter P that might be found in "Mrs. Patton's Patch". So... we are the ladybugs!

We created this banner:

I decided to do a directed drawing, so we each made a ladybug to stick on the banner. Some added lots of details, and others did not. I love seeing their creativity, though!

I also made this sign from a popsicle stick and a paper plate. When we go out to recess, they can see exactly where to line up amidst the other 6 classes!

My kids were so excited to be the ladybugs! They even wanted to make a cheer. 1-2-3-Go, Ladybugs! How cute are they? :)

One more perk about the banner is that it doubles as the sign for our class on field day in May. Each class marches down the hall with a banner to go outside to start the games. When May comes around, the first grade teachers and I will not have to worry about making a banner because we already did! Wahoo!



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Anonymous said...

Love the ladybugs! Cute and colorful!

Lory said...

Darling idea!!!
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