Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Leaders in the Classroom

One thing I have become very passionate about is developing a sense of leadership in my students. I think it is so important in the work place no matter what field they go into. So, to help develop this, I integrated something I call LINKing Leaders into my Link Math Workshop Framework.

Through LINKing Leaders, half of my students figure out a game on their own (with only a teensy bit of teacher direction...) then teach it to a partner at their table. When I created this Math Workshop plan, I did it with first graders in mind. I was a little unsure of how kindergartners would do with it, but they do WONDERFULLY! I was so impressed with the critical thinking they can do when they figure out the game, and with the pride and care they take when teaching it to someone else.

We've now done this 3 times in my classroom, and each time it has been successful.

Whether or not you want to do the whole framework or not, I encourage you to consider letting your students figure out a game rather than you teaching it to them. They are immediately more engaged when they have to figure it out, and the critical thinking they can do is incredible. You may have heard me say this before, but if a 3 year-old can figure out how to use an iPad, then surely a 5 year-old can figure out how to play a game with cards and dice!


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Teacher Tam said...

I love the idea of students taking on leadership-type roles. My kids sit in groups, and every group has a group leader. The group leaders are very vital as they repeat instructions, answer questions that others in their groups might have, and really help to lead their groups. I love your idea of students creating games and teaching it to a partner. I know kids love when they can create, and even more when it is something they can actually use. Thanks for sharing your idea.