Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lesson Cycle

Something new I have done with my class this year is talked quite a bit about the lesson cycle. You know, you start with a mini or focus lesson, then the students do some type of work or practice, and then you come back together and share or reflect on what they learned. Well, one of the ladies in our district came up with the idea of posting it in your room like this:

I added a clothespin with a glued on star to mark where we are at. As you can see, it's on my book stand right where the kids can see it. This has been so helpful for my kids. They can see where they are in their learning, and they keep me accountable sometimes, too. We talked about how some "scientists" found out that people remember their learning best when they share or reflect on it afterwards. Well, this is typically the part of the lesson that gets left out when you're in a time crunch. This year in my classroom, my students won't let me skip this part. Even if it's a quick tell your partner how you did, or give me a thumbs up if..., we are always sharing or reflecting about our learning.

One other great thing about this... it helps my kids to know when it's okay to go to the bathroom. They know that if we are in the focus lesson or share/reflect time, it's not okay to go. But... if it's in the blue section, the student work section, they are free to go.



Ms. Preppy said...

Oh I love this! My kids always want to know when they're going to get to do stations/ student work, so this would be a great visual for them! Thanks for sharing. :)

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Melissa said...

I need this!!! I also have the same rule about the restroom and that visual would help tremendously. And I am so guilty of skipping the sharing/reflecting at the end. Thanks so much for sharing a great idea.
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Kristen said...

What a smart idea! I like the visual layout of it too. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Jess said...

This is a wonderful visual. I need to do this for my students. I'm going to be making this on my computer this weekend! Thanks for sharing your ideas!
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