Sunday, January 8, 2012

Formative Assessment FREEBIE

At my school this year, the big push is formative assessment. You probably do it naturally if you are careful about following your kids needs with what you teach instead of blindly following the lesson plans you made a month in advance. 

One of my favorite ways to do formative assessment with my kiddos is through them rating their own knowledge on a certain topic. Here is what that looked like in our unit on 3D shapes:

(If you have quetions on the cupcakes, I'll get to that later in another post I have scheduled.)

Another way to do this is through pictures that the students can stand by. For example, you could have a picture of a dirt road, a neighborhood street, and a highway. They could then relate their knowledge on a topic to those pictures. Its a fun, quick, and easy way to see where your students are at so you can tailor your teaching to them.

I have compiled a freebie of 14 different roadway pictures. It is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and my Teachers Notebook store for FREE! Let me know if you use it and what you think. Comments make me happy! :)

Here is a question for you: Is there or has there been a push for formative assessment in your school?

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Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

This is perfect! :) THANK YOU :)

Lisa :)
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Jenn Long said...

Hi There!
I’m passing along some blogging award love to you! Check out my blog post @ A Pirates Life for Us.
Jenn :)

Mrs. Halbert said...

Thanks for the freebie!

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Tammy said...

I'm your newest follower. I'm also a teacher, friend, sister, singer, and Christian.

Forever in First said...

Hi there!

My name is Laura and I run the new collective blog called We are working to give encouragement and inspiration to teachers. I stumbled on your teaching blog today and loved all your practical ideas! {I am also currently homeschooling my kids in Thailand because I am living overseas as a missionary!} ANyway . . .

I just wanted to connect with you via webworld and let you know about a new thing we are doing our way called Teaching Tip Tuesday where people can link up a past post they've written giving a practical teaching tip! This post would work great-- actually lots of your stuff would work fantastically! We are giving away some sweet stuff over there for it, and would love to have you involved if you have a sec!

Thanks, and I look forward to connecting with you again! The link is:

Our plan is to run it every Tuesday, if you'd like to jump in! Have a great day!

Laura Parker

Unknown said...

Thanks for the download.

I am actually on the FIP team in our district. We are calling it Formative Instructional Practices, same idea though. There has been a big push for learning targets, I Can statements, etc.

Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, this was really useful. thanks!

meadowt said...

This is such a neat idea!! At our next PLC we are discussing formative assessments, I am going to share this idea!

Tessa said...

We are in the beginning stages of being pushed to do more formative assessments. I am currently being trained to be one of the Assessment for Learning leaders for our school. We are WAY at the beg. of this but I agree that we often do it without even realizing it. That being said, can you explain the pink and green stickers you are using? Are the kiddos' initials on them and they are placing them where they feel they are? Just curious! (maybe I should know the answer to this! Hmmm.)
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The Zoo Crew Teacher said...

I would love some more information on how you begin using the rating system with your students. (ie...the cupcake pictures above) I noticed that some of the children's dots were in the cross on the line. Does this mean somewhere in the middle? Please explain as I actually LOVE this and would like to begin to use it. Thanks so much. Caryl VanFleet