Sunday, January 22, 2012

Measuring Shoes and Lines

Last week, we started our measurement unit. We began with length and measured our shoes the first day. Here are some pictures from Thursday when we measured shoes:

By the way, I don't eat KFC much... the buckets were donated to our school last year and I figured I would find a use for them, so I took a few. Guess I should cover them with scrapbook paper or something... :)

On Friday, we continued our measurement unit by measuring lines with popsicle sticks. I was surprised how much the kids LOVED doing this. I think it was because of the novelty of the mini-clipboards that my mom gave me for the classroom. :) Thanks, mom!

The kids worked together with their math partners to measure the lines. They were given a blank piece of paper and had to come up with their own way of recording the length. Afterwards, each student wrote a sentence about the measuring they did in their math journals to solidify what they learned.

My kids really were so excited to use those mini clipboards. They begged me to find a way that they could use them every day. So... I came up with a couple of things that I created this weekend. 
Just so you know, I plan to share my LINK math workshop plans with you for this week. I had quite a few people let me know that they would love a peek at what my plans are like. Since this is my first year teaching kinder, I'll share the plans after they are kid-proofed! So, all that to say... be on the lookout for my plans from the week next weekend. :)


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Jessica Laurine said...

LOL about the KFC buckets! :) We're starting our measurement unit this week too!

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