Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Can You Do With Painter's Tape?

If you saw the following picture on my blog yesterday, you may be wondering what I was doing with painter's tape on the carpet...

I introduced these boxes in the fall to use as sound boxes. My students use them to "jump out" the sounds in words. It is so cute to see them jumping when they need to spell a word during Writing Workshop or when we are writing in our math or science journals. I found the idea via Pinterest at Heather's Heart. You should check her out... I am a new follower and within 5 minutes I already found a handful of creative ideas!

I would love to hear your ideas for using painter's tape. Leave a comment below with your idea or a link to your blog post, and you could win any product of your choice from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I will email 3 winners by the end of the week!



Randi said...

Oooh...tape! It's the little things that make being a teacher fabulous! I use painters tape on large white shower curtain liners. The possibilities are truly endless. My favorite is a grid with numbers in each box shown a different way (number, word, tallies, pictures, math sentence etc.) Then, student match task cards/word problems to the correct answer. Hope this makes sense!
I heart your blog <3

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Unknown said...

How smart! I saw someone use it as a border to the wipe off boards you make with shower board...if that makes sense. I pinned it =)
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Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

Here a few ideas from my blog



Love this idea! I will be doing this on my rug soon.

Vickie said...

I've used painters tape and a shower curtain to make a floor graph, a number line, and a big ten frame. My kids really like using the big ten frame and getting to stand in it!

Anonymous said...

When I taught kindergarten and kids needed a reminder about where they sat on the carpet, I labeled their name with painters tape on my rug (it didn't have squares). That way the kids knew their spot and my rug didn't get all goopy from duct tape or masking tape. Now I'm up in 3rd and I use painters tape all the time on my non-magnetic white board. It doesn't leave a mark when I move things and it holds laminated signs up for as long as I want. Cant wait to read what other ideas your readers share!

Tara said...

I used the tape in a zebra stripe and made holders for my centers:) You can see some pics here:

4th Grade Frolics

Elisabeth said...

I use it to create foldables. The staples on the ends can cut little hands, so I put the painters tape on the edge and it puts a little decorative touch on them too!

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Heather's Heart said...

I am so glad your kiddos love it too! It is so cute watching them "hop it out"!

Another way to use the tape is to make graphs on cookie sheets. I HEART magnetic tape so you just attach it to the back of cute clipart and the kids make a real object graph on the cookie sheet and then transfer the data to paper! I have also made double 10 frames with the tape too! Very cute...especially with cookie clipart!

Heather's Heart

Kristin said...

Very cool and fun!!!
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Heather! :)
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Jackie P. said...

I used painters tape to make ten frames on my classroom floor. We then have timed races to see who can put the numbers in the ten frames correctly (boys vs. girls, table vs. table, etc.. The kids love it!

Tracy Harris said...

I had a graphic organizer using painter's tape of the wall for quadrilaterals and how shapes can be other quadrilaterals. I don't put the labels up until the lesson, so the kiddos ask "What is all the boxes for, Mrs. Harris?" I also used tape for an area of a circle activity as well as graphing it on the big wall outside my room.

Rebecca said...

I just pinned this idea- I love it! Very kinesthetic!

I use painter's tape to make different sections on my whiteboard. Nothing fancy, but it keeps things more organized!

see the tour of my class here:

Jana said...

I use painter's tape to make charts on my whiteboard. I currently have the 4 square writing chart on my board. I will get a picture of it tomorrow (our first day back) and post on my blog. Love getting these other ideas!

Thinking Out Loud

Kristin said...

Our custodians are a very picky about anything we use on the walls, floors and carpet, but painters tape doesn't ruffle any feathers.
In the classroom I have used it to make number lines, ten frames and a jumbo clock. It also comes in handy to "define" the block area.
It apparently doesn't strip the wax off the floors like other tapes. At the beginning of the year we use it to make footprints in the hallways that help our kinders find their way to the bathroom and back. I'm excited to see all the other ways it can be used!

Theresa Simoneaux said...

The smartest use and applicable to ALL grade levels to to make a calendar on the white board with this awesome tape. It can hold homework assignments, upcoming events, whatever you need.

Theresa Simoneaux said...

The smartest use and applicable to ALL grade levels to to make a calendar on the white board with this awesome tape. It can hold homework assignments, upcoming events, whatever you need.

Caroline Brantley said...

I've used it in art projects such as candy canes where they paint everything and pull off the tape. I also like using tape on cookie sheets for sound boxes similiar to your boxes on the floor.

Oodles of Teaching Fun said...

Painter's tape is great to divide the white board into areas for homework, I can statements, etc.

Unknown said...

so I don't have any great ideas but I'll definitely be buying some painters tape and trying out some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Howard said...

Oh so cute. I'm going to add the tape on the carpet to my "bag of tricks." You can also use the different colors of tape to color code each desk area to each chair. This is great for kids who have difficulty focusing on their own area.

- Lisa
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Ms.M said...

Ooooooo, I am so in love with this I think I am implementing it as soon as I get back! Thanks. :) I love sharing.

Ms. M
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Anonymous said...

Interesting post, this was really useful. thanks!

Laurien said...

So many awesome ideas! Thank you, thank you!!!

Mrs. Cave said...

I use painters tape to tape off grids on my whiteboard - I love how easy it peels off without leaving any marks. I have a ten frame up all of the time that is part of their whole class behavior system but I've also used tape on my whiteboard and carpet to create a part-part-whole bar model or create double ten frames for adding and subtracting.

I love your idea of taping off sound boxes!

Fantastic First

TheHills said...

I use it to make "lines" for my students to sit on. Each table has a certain line to sit on!

lee ann said...

I use painters' tape on the floor for a giant graph. I make the boxes large enough for the kiddos to sit in, for whatever they vote for.

Nicholle said...

I use painter's tape and a large shower curtain (0r an old bedsheet... but the curtains stand up to frequent use much better) to create a large calculator. Then students can "jump out" the answers, in a hopscotch-type format. For example, if the problem is 3 x 4, they would jump on the 3, x, 4, =, 1, 2. They love it!


Katie said...

Wow what a fabulous collection of ideas! I feel like I use painter's tape for EVERYTHING! We use it to draw out a visual of where we live... similar to the idea of using stacking bowls, or those cute nesting dolls... I make large squares on the floor for a nice large visual of world, continent, country, state, town, home... It's great you can write right on the tape and they can see the big picture.


Gladys said...

I have a little one that is having trouble blending...I'm so going to try your Elkonin boxes on our floor...great idea! Thanks!


Rebecca said...

I just posted about your idea on my blog- one of my fav pins of the week! Thanks again!