Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Week in Pictures 3.26.12

Here are some pictures from my past week. Enjoy!

In Writing Workshop, we did an introduction to Poetry. I love using the book Insectlopedia. It inspired us to create our own class poem. More on the insect stuff later in my Insect Unit... it's in the works! 

We brainstormed what we knew about butterflies on the left, and then picked a poem in Insectlopedia that inspired us to pick this type of pattern for our poem.
Flap, Flap in the air. Slurp, slurp the flower there. Look, look and you will see... 20,000 kinds of me!

Here are the games we enjoyed learning and playing last week in Math Workshop:

Through LINKing Leaders, the leaders in my class learned our Fill the Lot game and taught it to their partners.

Although we are done with our farm research, my students are still enjoying our Coop 10 Chickens game.

They also enjoyed learning our Spring More and Less Bump game. It is such a fun, fast-paced game!

This week I introduce our Roll of the Day jar. I used dice from our Spring Bump game before I introduced it so they would be used to doing 1 or 2 more and less than a number. 

They also wrote in their math journals to practice more and less. One of my students did a little extra... How awesome is this? :)

First I had 10. Take away 7 is 3.

They loved one of their new word work options, sight word splat. You can find it at Heidisongs Resource.

...and here is my favorite part of the week. A genuine piece of motivation from one of my sweet girls:

Dear Mrs. Patton's Ladybugs, Let's have no timeouts for free choice and also for recess. No timeouts for Recess.
I love it when they encourage each other like that!

Hope you had a great week, but more importantly, I hope you have a chance to relax this weekend!


Unknown said...

Love the sight word splat!
First Grade Blue SKies

Miss Foote said...

I love Insectlopedia! I think there may be a bird one that I need:-)

Chickadee Jubilee