Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bee Theme Classroom Photos

Phew! This first week of school and the week before were incredibly busy. Why does it always surprise me that I am so busy? I ended up going up to school yesterday so I could be prepared for the entire coming week and feel like I'm actually on top of things again. Anyone else always feel this way?

Anyway... as you may know, I am teaching a 3rd Grade Dual Language Class this year. I have two groups that I teach, one is called the Bees and the other is called the Chameleons. Since my homeroom is the Bees, I decided to decorate with a bee theme. I still kept a lot of my bright colors and lanterns from last year, though. 

Here is a little tour... don't judge if you see it a bit messy. I did end up cleaning and straightening up yesterday afternoon!

Here is the view you see when you walk in the door:

Here is my library/reading area:

Here is a better view of the curtain and the reading tent... made for me by my husband's sweet grandmother:

Here is the front of the room:

Here is my calendar board... so less detailed for third! (Side note... the calendar cards on rings represent the students who are my helpers for the day. So much easier to use numbers each year than to print out labels every year with the students' names.)

Here is the iPad bulletin board. After we learn how to use an app, I put its icon on the board.

On the side of my room next to the door, I have a technology section. It is complete with technology rules and the technology cart. Since I was selected to be a digital classroom, I am so blessed to have 25 iPads and 6 MacBookAirs.

Here is my display board this year. I took the sections I had in my inch worm last year and I will be using them to hang student work. (This bulletin board has burlap as the fabric. Much cheaper than cotton fabric and it adds a little texture to the room. One of my sweet colleagues gave me this tip!)

Here is the back of my room (remember, I did end up cleaning it better. Just didn't think to snap another picture...)

I have a vocabulary bulletin board to help my students learn the English words for things they learn in Spanish.

I also have a math, writing and research bulletin board on the back wall.

And here is a close-up of my favorite part of my room (next to the reading tent, that is):

I have already taken pictures so I can give you all a tutorial if you want to make these table signs yourself. I plan to post that tutorial this week.

This has to be my favorite classroom design I've done yet! I really wanted to include bees in my theme, but didn't want to be stuck with only black, white and yellow.

If you would like to check out all of the things I made for my bee theme, you can see it here.

I am so proud of it because I didn't use even one piece of clip art or digital scrapbook paper created by someone else. It was all me and my friend, Adobe Illustrator!

Have a wonderful LONG weekend!


Miss Squirrels said...

YOu did a fantastic job!

Going Nutty!

Kate @ EduKate and Inspire said...

Everything looks great! I love your ipad app bulletin board! I pinned it in hopes of having an ipad in the classroom someday :)

EduKate and Inspire

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Looks great! That iPad board is awesome! I don't even have a Smart Board, let alone classroom iPads! I am jealous!!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Sarah said...

Your classroom looks wonderful! I'm your newest follower :) Come check me out when you get the chance! :)


city said...

thanks for sharing. said...

I know this is from September but I just put a link to it on my blog because I LOVE your colors and decorating. You are inspiring me for my new classroom. I found you on Pinterest but now I am your newest follower, Heather