Sunday, September 23, 2012

Place Value Practice Freebies!

For the past few weeks, we have been practicing place value up to the 100,000s. My students wrote numbers in word form, standard form, expanded form and with base-ten blocks.
Here is an anchor chart I found on Pinterest and recreated for my kiddos:
One day, I wanted to see how much my students remembered before starting to teach. So, I opened up with a four corners activity. I put four of the number posters on walls (one on each), printed the corresponding cards, and handed them out to the students. While I had music on they were switching their cards. When I paused the music, they had 10 slow seconds of think time. Then, I said "go" and they walked to their appropriate corner or wall. Once they got there, the students talked about how they knew their card belonged with that poster.
You can download the posters and cards for free below. You don't have to print them all, I only printed the ones that I thought my kids needed work on.

Place Value Four Corners -
Another day, I ended with a formative assessment. They had a small sheet of costruction paper and had to pick two of the numbers I showed on my computer screen in 3 different ways. (Expanded form, base-ten blocks, word form, etc.) It was actually their "ticket" to recess. It gave me a really good idea of who needed help on certain forms of numbers so I could pull them in groups the next day.
You can download the slide I showed on my screen below:

Place Value Formative Assessment -
My students also enjoyed going around with their bilingual buddy and showing numbers in different ways on butcher paper. I put different numbers on big pieces of butcher paper, spread them out on the carpet, gave my students my special smelly markers, and let them rotate from paper to paper as they finished. Here are a couple of the finished posters:

You can download the numbers I put on the butcher paper below:

Plave Value Show the Number -
In case you missed it, I also used the app Splash Math and created a picture direction slide to help my students get to the part where they could practice place value. Click here if you missed that from my last post. I talked about it in my most recent "What I'm Doing Digitally" post.
Next week we will be talking about rounding numbers. I'm excited to pull out my Robot Rounding Bump game for my students to play.
In fact, if you want to get it for free, head on over to my facebook page. The first 5 people to comment on my FACEBOOK PAGE with their email address will receive a free copy.
If not, you can still grab it for pretty cheap. It's on sale for today only in my store... $1.50 instead of $2.50.
Hope everyone has a great week!
I'll be back soon to share about the things we did to practice rounding!


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