Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I'm Doing Digitally 09.20.12

The past few weeks I have been doing quite a few things digitally... I'll try to summarize them as best as I can!

First of all, let me just say that I started out the year doing A LOT of QR codes. I wanted my students to have fun using the iPads while getting used to scanning things. I didn't want to worry about downloading so many apps from the start.

Since I was new to third grade, I didn't really have all of the chapter books in my classroom library that my students wanted to read. I used GoogleDocs to create a form for my students to fill out about their favorite books. It's pretty easy to make one. You just need a google account (which I have through gmail), click on the drive tab which used to be the documents tab, click create, and then click on form.

Here's what my students filled out:

In the end, I got a spreadsheet that I could print and take with me to Half Price Books!

I have an iPad cart that I was provided to keep the iPads in order and charged. Of course it wasn't staying as organized as I would have liked, so I used this super cool app called skitch to put text and arrows easily over a picture I had alread taken on the iPad.

Seriously, this is a really neat app and the possibilities are endless!

  • students could take pictures and then use Skitch to point out shapes they find in the real world
  • they could point out landforms in a picture you send to their iPad
  • they could take pictures of commas or another type of punctuation and point it out in the picture
Here's what I created in literally 120 seconds:

Now they are on the inside of the cart doors and students can be sure it's put away nicely.

We are studying place value in math, and I found a neat app that covers lots of math subjects called Splash Math. (I know that they also have it available in the app store for 1st and 2nd, so if you teach either of those grades, you should check it out.)

If students just press play, the app will take them through any math subject, but I created directions (with the help of taking screen shots and the app skitch) to create picture directions for them. If you would like to use them, feel free to download it below.
Another site the students have enjoyed using is called Today's Meet. At, you can create a room and students can go to that link (mine arrived through a QR code) and respond to a question. The neat thing is that they can join with their name and then see what their classmates are saying in realtime. Here is a screenshot:
Of course, we need to keep in mind something very important when we use technology... the safety of our students. Part of that includes looking at the terms of use for apps and websites. Today's meet is a site that requires people under the age of 13 to have parent permission. I sent home a letter to get permission from my parents for all Web 2.0 sites that have been approved by our district. I am sharing it with you below. It should be editable.
I hope something in here was helpful to you or sparked another idea.
Have a great Friday!


Camille said...

Great post with lots of ideas for me! Thanks! Oh, I made a silver dot on the spine of each iPad and then told my kiddos to put the silver dot on top. That seemed to help.
An Open Door

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Jealous of all the ipads! We still don't even have smart boards. I'm having a fall linky party/sale on Sept 22. Come link up and join the sale!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

gdawg90 said...

I see I am a little behind the times too when it comes to technology! My school recently purchased two ipad carts with thirty ipads each for the entire school (grades K-5 to use). As happy as I am about it, the children do not get much time with them - nor do I. My classroom has five student computers and instead of a Smartboard our school has Promethean Boards, which are about the same product. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I also teach third grade and enjoy it tremendously. However, I want to incorporate more technology with lessons and the suggestions you gave help push me into the techno pool. Please keep posting! Summer "vacation" only began and after reading your ideas I am ready to go back to work!