Thursday, September 27, 2012

What I'm Doing Digitally- 9.27.12

Welcome back for another "What I'm Doing Digitally" post!
This week I wanted to focus on a free app that you can download and use some things I've already created for it.

The app is called Flashcardlet. Basically, It's an app that work just like normal flashcards, but without the mess of index cards! I love that you can create them for students or even other schools to download and students can also create them for themselves.
Here's my mini-tutorial of how to download the ones I've already created:
First, install Flashcardlet on your iPad. You will want to be sure that you set up an account with because that's how you can create flashcards for your kids easily.
Then, click on "Flashcards".
Next, click the + sign in the corner and select "Download from Quizlet".
In the search box, type "Pattons Patch". It should come up with a rounding and place value set.
Click on the set you want, and click add to library.
From there you will click cancel and then library to get back to the list of flash cards you have.
Click on the set you want to view and click start studying.
Your kids can learn how to install flashcards, so if you create them and keep them public on, your kiddos should be able to download them easily.
A little tip about naming them... make it something that is more unique and identifiable. If you simply call it Place Value Cards, there will be MANY MANY MANY sets for your kids to sift from. Putting your name or your school name should narrow it down!
The possibilities with this app are endless! I feel like this could apply to pretty much any subject.
I'll let you know when I upload more... they will all start with Pattons Patch.
Let me know if you have any ideas of how you might use this in your classroom!



Mrs. L said...

That is such an awesome idea. Thank you for sharing!
Life with Mrs. L

Patterson Jones said...

I usually create and study flashcards too. This method works for all exams, language learning, school subjects, everything I need to remember. But my favorite app is powered by, they have better study process tracking system and well-organized database.