Saturday, November 17, 2012

Turning Off Spell Check on the iPad

Can you believe we've already made it to Thanksgiving Break? This year has flown by for me!
If you're like me, I have a hard time taking a true grammar or spelling grade from things done on the iPad because of the auto-correct spelling. I love an app called ScribblePress for students to publish their books, but I have a hard time taking a spelling grade from it because I don't know what the iPad fixed for them automatically.
Well, guess what? Maybe most of you already knew this, but I just discovered yesterday how to turn off different spell check and auto-correct options on the iPad.
Take a look at the pictures below for a quick and easy tutorial!
First, go to "Settings".
Next, be sure you are on the general tab and scroll down.

Click on "Keyboard".
From there you can turn various things on or off.
I turned off the auto-correct spelling, auto-capitalization, and split keyboard (because that one drives me nuts!)
I left the check spelling option on, though, because I do want my students to be aware that something is spelled wrong. It will still shows the red squiggly line under misspelled words if the app supports it.
On that note, an app that I talked to y'all about earlier this summer called Popplet is great for lots of reasons. For one thing, it's an easy way for kids to create different kinds of mind maps. The other thing I like is that the app doesn't check spelling at all, so it really gives a true picture of where the students are with that.
Here is something my kids created with Popplet. It's a character map that requires them to infer what character traits the character displays and what the evidence is for that.
I hope you found a few things you can use!
In case you are wondering, I took a screenshot on my iPad by pressing the round home button and the power button at the same time. Then, I used Photo Skitch to highlight certain things in them for the quick tutorial.
Enjoy your Saturday!