Saturday, April 20, 2013

Getting Ready for the Test!

One new thing for me as a third grade teacher is the state test. It's the first time my 8 year olds have had to take a test, and the first time I've had to give one!

Our team does a "Boot Camp" each year to help the kids review and feel more comfortable for the test. I have found some awesome things on Teachers Pay Teachers to help out with this. It was my teams' go to place for materials that were already made!

The first two days, I reviewed Antonyms and Synonyms, Poetry, and Author's Purpose with the different classes. (We figured it was easier to rotate classes so we wouldn't all have to teach everything.)

Of course, I forgot to take picture of this, but to review poetry I used these Shel Silverstein task cards from teacherteacher. I also used my Poetry Posters to review poetry terms
To review Author's Purpose, the kids hid these Task Cards by Rachel Lynette around the room and searched for them as they filled out their recording sheet.  That made answering the questions much more fun. My rules were that it had to be within reach and the words needed to be facing outwards.

To review antonyms and synonyms, I did a couple of things. First, we watched a video on Brain Pop Jr. (I think you need a subscription like our district has to watch this one.

Then, I gave them each a name tag. They greeted each other by either an antonym or synonym of their name tag. You can download the labels I made for free. They are for Avery label 8160 I believe. It does repeat on the bottom since I didn't need 30 different words. The kids really enjoy walking around to music, stopping when it stops, finding a partner, and then following whatever instructions I give them. This really is a great structure for anything you are teaching if you want to give it a try!

Last, they hid and answered more of Rachel Lynette's task cards for antonyms and synonyms.

I will be back soon to let you see how we reviewed Growing Patterns, Table and Charts, and Measuring.

Have a great weekend!