Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to School Wreath DIY

I've been eying this back to school wreath for a few weeks now and decided it was time to make it!

You make recognize it from my recent Pinterest Finds!

I went to Hobby Lobby after making a list of what I needed, but then I kind of went a different direction...

I didn't see why I should buy a wooden circle to glue to an embroidery hoop when I saw an unfinished wooden plate in the next aisle. I ended up buying the wooden plate instead, thinking that I would attach the rulers to the back of it.

Then, after I decorated the plate I thought it was cute enough already! So I decided I would save the rulers for something else (which you will see tomorrow!)

I cut the ribbon to the length I wanted and added a bow on top. My original thought was that gorilla glue would hold it just fine, but my husband wasn't so sure.

So... as you can see I ended up with picture hangers at the end of the ribbons. I think that having two nails or command hooks here will support it very nicely. I'll just need one more nail or command hook at the top to hold up the bow.

I ended up painting it will chalkboard paint so I could write whatever I want on the rim of the plate. I'm not sure if I want to just write "Welcome" or maybe "Mrs. Patton's Class". We will see!

Oh, and P.S.- the apple is a 6 inch pre-painted wooden cut out! Gotta love em!

I can't wait to hang it outside my classroom door!
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Rachel said...

I love how it turned out! It's super cute! Don't you love it when a craft takes a different route than you thought!

Jenny Banian said...

Wow! It's so adorable! I think I may have to add this craft to my back to school to-do list :).
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Nancy Wilson said...

LOVE IT!!! Good job!