Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY Pencil Dispenser

Last year I found this great idea of using a straw dispenser for pencils. I love it because the students can't shuffle though the pencils for ever just to find that special one. They get whatever comes out!

I originally found the idea here:

After scouring the website, I finally decided on one I liked. I decided I wanted an acrylic one because with it being clear, I could see when I needed to add more pencils. 

This is the one I purchased:

Instead of doing Mod Podge like I originally intended, I decided on stickers for the word "pencil" and scrapbook paper attached from the inside. I figured this way I could change out the paper to match any theme I change to.

It works so beautifully... one pencil out at a time! :)

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Ms. Wu Teaches said...

I've been thinking of getting a pencil dispenser too! I was actually looking at that exact dispenser on Amazon and saw that there are mixed reviews about the difficulties of pencils being dispensed correctly. Have you tried it out? Does it dispense correctly?

Diary of a Second Grade Teacher

luvbees said...

I love this! Going to Costco -- maybe they have this. Otherwise, I'll order from Amazon. Question: did you post a tutorial on making the hanging flowers (with table #s) that you showed in your room last September? THANKS!

Wolfelicious said...

Love this idea!! I just need to break down and buy one.