Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fact and Opinion with Pictures

One of the concepts I was surprised some of my students struggled with last year was fact and opinion. I realized we needed a concrete way to experience and discuss it.

I found some cool pictures, printed them and glued them onto pieces of butcher paper. I placed them around the room, handed out the ever-so-popular Mr. Sketch markers, and let my students work together to write sentences that were facts and sentences that were opinions. They labeled them with an F or O for fact or opinion if they thought they could.

Here are some of the posters after they were finished:

We had some really great discussions that led to them realizing words that turned facts into opinions. For example, on the picture of the wolves, a student wrote that they had long tongues as a fact. They came to realize that a giraffe might not consider that a long tongue. 

And FYI, one of my favorite places to get photos (for classroom use only) is from Guardian Eyewitness. They have an app with some very cool pictures that are great conversation starters.


Miss Trayers said...

I really like the idea of using photographs for that skill. Definitely seems like an activity my kiddos would enjoy! Thank you for sharing it! :)


Julie Goode said...

What a great activity! I will be sure to save this idea for when I teach F+O this year. Thanks so much!
The Techie Teacher

Amanda said...

Such an awesome idea! Super simple but incredibly effective! Thanks so much for sharing this.

Reaching for the TOP!

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Ditto to what everyone else commented!

Toshi Wagh said...

Thanks for sharing the idea, I loved it.

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