Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

I pin so many things that I decided to link up with Cara's Favorite Pins Friday. If you want to keep up with me on Pinterest, you can click on over to my boards with my fancy new button with the P on the top right of my blog. :)

Here we go...

My favorite SCHOOL pins:

I absolutely love this back to school wreath from Create.Craft.Love. I just might have to make this one for the beginning of the year. Looks easy enough!

When I saw these shoes, I could not get enough of them! Emily made them over at Second Grade Silliness. Maybe I'll try and figure out how to make them. Wouldn't the kids just get a kick out of them?

 My favorite HOME DECOR pin:

This is a free printable from taidye original. I just love the reminder!

My favorite PRODUCT pin:
I thought this would be awesome. It's such a pain to get out a big ironing board! Maybe this would make me want to iron more? It's called a Magnetic Ironing Mat.

Let me know if you linked up so I can check out your favs too!
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1 comment:

kinder-gardening said...

Those shoes are hilarious! Cute pins!!