Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Math Ideas from CAMT Day 1

Today was my first day at CAMT and I am loving it! I was lucky enough to get a grant from my district to come down to this awesome conference. I'd love to share some of my take-aways from today with you.

First of all, as I was looking through the catalog to see what sessions I wanted to attend, I saw a pretty familiar name... Reagan Tunstall! You may recognize her from her blog, Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits. If you haven't seen it, you should definitely check it out. She does an awesome job! This picture is of the place value game she shared. It was really cute and I believe you can purchase it in her TPT store along with some other centers. I did get a picture with her, but it's on her phone. So... you'll just have to check out the picture of us on her blog. Since she emailed it to me, it's below, too! :)

Reagan is on the left and I'm on the right.

Sorry for this picture being blurry, but this one is of a project a teacher does with her kids when they study fractions. They talk about the fractions as they fold and cut the square paper, and then they choose if they want it to go on the class mural or a different part of the room.

Then, I went to a class where a man shared a bunch of great ideas for games. One of my favorites was his stacking cups game. It is a lot like I have who has if you are familiar with that. The top of the cups is like the I have part, and the label on the inside is like the who has part. You can see from the pictures below how he set it up.

He has used it whole group and as an entry activity. I think it would be great as a center activity as well.

I also just had to share this adorable shirt I purchased. It's by Claire Lynn. You can check their shirts out here.

I'm off to figure out what I want to go to tomorrow. I do wonder if I will be passing by any of my readers in the hallways... :)


Unknown said...

It was so great to meet you today! I was a hot mess for the first session! I wish you would have come to a different one! ha ha ha. You are so sweet! I will email you the picture!

Grade School Giggles said...

The cup stacking game looks like such a neat activity. I am sure my students would love it.
Grade School Giggles

Unknown said...

Hi! I just found your blog, love it! I’m your newest follower!
Science for Kids Blog

Bobbi said...

You met a rock star! How awesome!! Looks like you got a lot of great ideas!!

Bitty Bilinguals

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