Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spiral Multiplication... a Favorite Game of the Year

Next to my bump games, the favorite game of my students last year was Spiral Multiplication.

I first found it through Pinterest, and I do not want to take credit for the idea in anyway, but the creator of the website has asked for me to remove their link from this post.

All you need for the game is a deck of cards (or a section of one) any kind of dice you want your students to use in multiplication, and game pieces.

I created this instruction card and printed it on cardstock to give my students easy access to the game rules.

Here are some of the boards they loved making:

I love it when I find games that are easy and a hit with my students!

What games did your kids love to play? I'd love to hear about them!


Jennifer said...

That looks so cool!
Rowdy in First Grade

Karen Greenberg said...

Thanks for this great idea! I love the suggestion in the original rules about using positive and negative with the two different colors. I think my 6th graders will enjoy this!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much! This will be perfect for my high kids! I love your blog.

DeDe Alexander said...

You are awesome for posting this super game! Thank you!

Sarah said...

I would love to use this in my class. Could you send me the directions? The link is not working. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting this game! I tried this in my 3rd grade class this year and they absolutely loved it as well! We are going to use it at one of the games for the 3rd grade station for our Family Math Night. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

I love this! I'm going to try it with addition. Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

Is there anyway you could send the directions to me or put them on here again. The site won't open them. Thanks! I have been saving this pin and want to use it this week!

Izzy S. said...

Can you please send the directions for this game or repost? They will not come up!
Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi! I love this idea...can you please send the directions since docstoc is no longer? Thanks for sharing this!

alstar0730 said...

Can you send the directions, this looks fun!

For the Love of Teaching said...

Cold you please email me the directions? This looks wonderful!

Mrs. Patton said...

The directions have been moved to Google Docs!

LearningWithMrsKirk said...

What a fun idea for practicing Math facts! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thx for the idea but how many players play using the sane deck and dice? I want to know how many decks should i need for a class of 20 students

Constance said...

Good morning!
I'd love to do this with my 4 kids at home but cannot fond the card with the rules you mention in your site...
Could you please send it to me by e-mail or write the explanations on your site ?
Connie from Reunion Island (Indian Ocean)
mail :

Unknown said...

I love the concept, but there are no photos or anything here. is there anyway you can send them?

3rdgradeteacher said...

Can you please send the directions and photo?

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