Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Student Driven Games

With the class I had last year, something I made a priority more than I ever had before was letting my students drive the learning. With a class of 21 gifted children, I felt that I had no other choice but to follow their lead!

My students loved playing games, especially in math. They loved when I would create games for them based on specific skills, but I didn't have time to create 21 different games tailor-made for each student. Instead, I let them create the games! With a class of so many creative thinkers, I thought it was a great way to get them to practice skills they needed to work on specifically while letting those creative juices flow.

They loved creating games, but some students who were perfectionists had a hard time finishing them quickly. At the same time, other students who wanted to finish things quickly left game spaces so tiny they could hardly fit the eraser end of a pencil in it! To help with that, I created some templates for them to make games from. They used manilla folders or construction paper for the board, and then used my templates for the spaces, dice, spinners, cards and directions if they needed the support.

They liked creating games so much that we ended up creating games for our buddy Pre-K class. They had a blast!

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