Sunday, August 17, 2014

FREEBIE: Start out the Day with High Level Thinking During Morning Work!

I try hard to make sure my students know what I expect of them as soon as they walk in the door.

As teachers, we know that morning work is important to set these expectations. Last year I made one of my students' spirals a morning work notebook, and we often did 2 different things to make our morning work creative and high level.

We often did "What's the question?" I would write a number on the board and they would decide what the question could have been. It's very similar to this bulletin board that I posted about a while back, but not quite as fancy!

I also often wrote letters on the board such as T i g t b a g d! The students would work to create different sentences with those letters. I always had a sentence in mind and would share it with them after they had time to work on their own. That sentence was "This is going to be a great day!" 

They are 2 very easy morning work ideas that elicit higher level thinking and don't take much prep work.

I loved doing these 2 things last year, but wanted more for this year. So... I went ahead and created morning work through September with these activities and more to keep my creative thinkers busy! 

Here is a free week of challenge morning work:

GT Morning Work

Here is what I created for September:

GT Morning Work

If you're interested in higher level morning work for you entire class or just your few creative thinkers who need a challenge, this would be great as you can just print it and give it to your students who need it. 

I will add the rest of the months throughout the school year, so be sure to follow my TPT store if you want to know when they are posted!

Off to get ready for tomorrow... my first day back!
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