Monday, August 10, 2015

My New Cozy Classroom!

I'm so excited to share my classroom photos with you, as promised! So glad to be done decorating before we have to be back at school so I can focus on other things then. There's always plenty to do!

My goal was to have a warm, cozy and inviting classroom where students feel instantly at home. I'm happy to say that everything has a place! Organization has always been a goal that I was close to meeting, but wasn't able to reach until I purged a bunch this year. Can't wait to start teaching in my new room!

Here's a view of the front of the room:

I love my teacher chair area! 

It's complete with a comfy chair, side table with storage crate underneath, a basket with files for my materials I need close by, a homey lamp, and the framed saying, "Everything says something!"

I learned this saying from a mentor I admire very much. I want my students to remember that the way they react, carry themselves, answer questions, sit, etc. says something about them!

My favorite cozy spot in my classroom is still my classroom library.

I have a new organizer from IKEA for my math games for math workshop. The labels are laminated and on velcro. They are ready for me to write on with Vis-A-Vis markers so students know exactly what is inside.

I made this welcome banner to keep up for Meet the Teacher Night and the first day of school. I just love how it turned out!

And, of course, my interactive Thinking Hats board is ready to go!

I found these adorable baskets at Big Lots and put mason jars with only the ring piece of the lid on to organize community supplies. I love how they add to the homey feel!

Next to my board I have my calendar, our class jobs chart, our stools for another option for seating, and storage for some book boxes. I am trying to spread the book boxes out this year to help with the class "mob" that always happens when everyone goes to the same place!

I also have our birthday bags along this wall. I'll tell you more about those tomorrow! :)

Along the side wall I have storage for the materials they need for our STEM-like passion projects and a display for work they are proud of.

Along the same wall, I also have more storage for classroom supplies and book boxes.

I also laminated the labels on the book boxes on the top shelf. These are for me to organize things and I wanted the flexibility to change what I wanted to use them for.

Here is our Bloom's Taxonomy bulletin board and the turn it in basket area. This also has more storage for book boxes as well as blue baskets to store clipboards and whiteboards. I LOVE this organization system from IKEA!

Here is a view of my teacher area at the back of the room.

I love how the labels turned out that I created for my organizational tool chest. A little spray paint and matching labels goes a long way!

 I love this file organizer from Scholastic. It will be nice to have all of the forms, stacks of papers to be graded, etc. close by without cluttering my desk!

I cannot express how happy I am with the way my classroom turned out. It's not often that I'm able to make my vision a reality!

Come back tomorrow for my post about the Birthday Bags, and come back later this week to hear about the GT Strategies I love and wish I knew about/used when I first started teaching!
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jules said...

Beautiful. Such a calm and relaxing room. I would definitely want to spend time there.

Jodi said...

Gorgeous and organized...that is my dream! Congratulations on achieving such success. I hope you have a wonderful school year! Jodi

Miss Trayers said...

It really looks amazing! Very inviting color choice! :)

Not Just Child's Play

Amanda said...

Your room looks beautiful! I don't know that I have seen tables/desks shaped like yours before. I can image it might be a blessing and a curse trying to fit them all together. Thanks for sharing your room!

A Very Curious Class

Wendi Turner said...

Where is your paper sorter from that is on your supply shelf? It looks like it holds the larger construction paper (9x18?)

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